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  By: Lady :brenda-theresa:, Heir, et al for royal [House of First Middle Last Estate];

a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Isaiah Chapter 61, verses 1 and 2; Galations Chapter 4:22-31 and Chapter 5:1


i: at all times, Preserve, reserve, retain, claim and involk all Yahweh-[G-d]-given LIberties, rights, titles, interests, powers, benefits, previleges, accounts, bonds, sureties, all other assets, paramount claims on ones private and special nature, divine proportion, manifest essence and all that is marked by it/the, all immunities, including but not limited to all defences, Without prejudice, without recourse to i: a wombman; Territorial only to the land/soils on Michigan state, on one of the several land/soils(States) of the American Union; nunc pro tunc, ab initio;


                                                                                                          Beginning dates:  December, year of two-zero-one-two and January,  year of two-                                                                                                                                         zero-one-three.


All Private claims are claimed as Estate Property Held on Trust Special deposit as BRENDA    THERESA    TEDDERS ESTATE PROPERTY THROUGH specific Registered Mail Account Numbers via the US general Post office box 203, caro. nation michigan. near. [48723-0203]   These are private claims and documents will not be published. 


Your donations are very much appreciated so I can conintue to learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Use the US general Post Office Box location above.  Please use United States one dollar bills, which are silver certificates on the green backed side of the bill and use aluminum foil to protect the bills.  Thank you.


Attention: Lady :brenda-theresa: Heir, et al, a special and private;

/o general post-office box - 203.

c/o caro.  nation michigan. [near. 48723-9998]






All content, images, tangible and intangible, intelletucal properties, etc and any other properties belong too and are Copyrighted, Trademarked, Trade name (c) (TM) (TN) prior to, up to and beyond 1955-2013 by (TM) brenda-theresa:(C) (TN), a living and breathing womb-man, endowed by the Omnipresence Creator with Un-A-Lienable Freedoms, Liberties, Rights, Remedies, Recourse and Sovereign Immunities Expressly Reserved.


BUINESSES INCLUDING ALL GOVERNMENT AGENTS DO NOT HAVE the living womb-man's written consent or permission to send any contact information to the above general-post office.