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  By: Lady :brenda-theresa:, Heir, et al for royal [House of First Middle Last Estate];

a                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Isaiah Chapter 61, verses 1 and 2; Galations Chapter 4:22-31 and Chapter 5:1

from clan/tribe (tm)tedders/golarneau (c)(tn), executor, general executor, including but not limited too principal and beneficiary for:,

(tm)BRENDA    THERESA    TEDDERS ESTATE(c)(tn) and any and all name variations and derivatives on ANY ACCOUNTS LOCATIONS.

Expressly reserving all Freedoms, Liberties, Sovereign Immunities and all Brithright Inheritances for the exclusive and sole uses for and by (tm):brenda theresa:, executrix, general executrix and the sole sentient, living and breathing womb-man, whose landmarks were coerced onto the certificate of live birth.            




 Thank you for any gifts/donations of one dollar bills and or blank money orders. The latter shall be directed towards bloods tests and follow up direction for restoration for the poor and homeless to the best of the recipients capabilities and under the direction of alternative health advisors.      


Attention: (TM):brenda theresa:(C)(TN), living and breathing spirit, general executor, Principal for:

BRENDA THERESA    TEDDERS ESTATE.  Postal Estate Identification Number: 48-7230203


nation michigan. county tuscola. indianfields town-SHIP.

c/o general post-office box - 0203.

caro.  near. [48723-9998]





brenda_theresa at yahoo dot com



Wikipedia book I edited:

Individual and State Sovereignty and Trusts in behalf of:

Natural Born, men, women, children and Unborn.

by Brenda-Theresa: Tedders, Authorized Representative & Secured Party;




 All links and Articles on my facebook pages and my websites are for informational and entertainment purposes only and not to be construed as LEGAL ADVICE. I am not an "ATTORNEY AT LAW", NEVER WILL BE AND DON'T WANT TO BE AND NEVER WAS, nor am I giving out legal advice out to anyone and all information is based on the past, present or future circumstances that I am enduring.

  The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA The information and links are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure diseases and any product I feature or sell, are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases. It is the sole responsibility of each living man or woman to research their health care needs and discuss their health care with their Health Care Practitioners. Examples of research are:, Please be advised that Life Extension Whey Protein Isolate has GMO Soy in it and I will not buy it any more. I am switching to high quality Goat Milk Product.

 For you Blood test needs, go to the product menu at and link to Blood Tests to decide what you want to have tested. Friends, members and/or unlawful trespassers accept all responsibility for your/their actions and you view my website of facebook links and information at your own risks, when using any links or information posted on my facebook pages and Websites.


International, Copyholds, Trade-names, Trade marks, Copyright Claims (c) 1955 and up to 2013 and each current year by:  chief general executrix brenda-theresa: from family Tedders(c)(TN)(TM), Private, Flesh and Blood Flowing woman, all Images, Intellectual and other Properties, photos, hand or computer drawings, videos created by: chief general executrix brenda-theresa: from family Tedders, Personal, Professional and Spiritual Message Formats, business plans, ideas, goals, whether prior to 1955 or up to current or any future foundings and creations and any and all other creations not listed in this caption;"Expressly reserving All Freedoms, Liberties and sovereign immunitites.